Sprouts Two Monday/Wednesday 4:45pm

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Mar 08 2021
Jun 05 2021
Sprouts 2 4:45pm
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Spring Semester: March 8th, 2021 to June 5th, 2021

Schedule: Mon & Wed (2x per week) at 4:45-5:45pm


This class is the continuation of Sprouts One. Simplified Chinese with Pinyin. Prior Mandarin background is required. The class uses the textbook series My First Chinese Reader by Better Chinese. The fun and dynamic curriculum not only covers conversation practice, basic reading and writing of Chinese characters, but also incorporates fun activities, games, arts, projects, worksheets, and stories. 

  • Assessment of Mandarin fluency will be required for any new student. Please use the Contact Us form to schedule an assessment with us.

  • This class meets twice a week, 60-min each time.



Participants must be 5 to 12 when the program starts.

Registration period

Registration starts on 01/11/2021 and ends on 05/01/2021.

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